Hey Canada, we're back and better than ever.

We’re thrilled to announce our return with an exciting reinvention of our signature herbal blends, crafted to heal and nourish you from the inside out. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be unveiling an exclusive new line featuring five distinct blends. Each blend is meticulously crafted from the finest organic and wildcrafted herbs, designed to support detoxification, rejuvenation, stress reduction, cognitive performance, and overall wellness of the whole. Our commitment to enhancing overall wellness—mind, body, and soul—remains unwavering.

Plant Medicine is Preventative Medicine.

Incase your forgot, here’s what you can expect from TEAME Tea blends.

At TEAME, we take pride in curating the finest handcrafted herbal tea blends sourced from around the globe. Our exquisite blends are meticulously crafted to foster a profound sense of well-being, tailored to address a myriad of everyday ailments including sleep, anxiety, rejuvenation, and stress. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and it is our unwavering commitment to prioritize their health and satisfaction by utilizing only the highest quality, premium herbs in every blend.

At TEAME, our teas are meticulously handcrafted from Certified Organic or Wildcrafted herbs and botanicals. For us, “organic” isn’t merely a label—it’s a steadfast commitment to using 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible. We take pride in ensuring that no conventionally grown herb ever makes its way into our teas. This dedication to organic sourcing isn’t just a practice; it’s a lifestyle that guides every aspect of our business.

At TEAME, sustainability isn’t just a goal — it’s our responsibility. We collaborate with partners dedicated to preserving the lands where our herbs are cultivated. By nurturing these ecosystems, we ensure the longevity of our planet and strive to leave a healthier world for future generations.

At TEAME, we uphold our commitment to organic and sustainable practices unwaveringly. Unlike other companies that compromise on quality for profit, we prioritize the integrity of our products. Our dedication to using only certified organic or wildcrafted herbs ensures that every blend is crafted with care, honoring the ecosystems where these herbs flourish and the hands that cultivate them.

Herbal Infusions

TEAME™ Teas are hand blended using organic and wild crafted herbs, flowers, barks, and roots. The powerful constitutions of these ancient remedies serve to protect our physical and emotional bodies, brining balance, harmony and homeostasis.

Detox + Digest

to cleanse, purify, and soothe digestion, assisting with healthy weight management.

Wakeup + Workout

for energy without caffeine, to support recovery, and overall vitality in the morning or after a workout.

Rest + Relax

a hypnotic blend of sedative herbs to help aliviate anxiety, stress, and promote a peaceful sleep.

Beauty + Wellness

filled with luscious vitamins and minerals to improve the overall look of skin, support hair growth, and combat aging.

Clear + Focus

nervine supportive nootropic and adaptogen herbs to bring clarity and focus to mental processes throughout the day

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