History of Lilith

Lilith is a complex character and has been deeply rooted in Mythology as far back as Mesopotamia. Like most powerful females, Lilith is often portrayed as dark and demonic, though if we dive deeper into her lengthy lore — there is a elaborate labyrinth of tales to tell.

In Jewish Folklore Lilith rebelled against male subservience. ; for this she was condemned and cursed. Known as a seductress who would prey on men she is known to be wild, untamed and the feral nature of the feminine

In Astrology, she is a main principle calculated from the Moons orbit; its furthest point from earth. The dark side of the moon which holds our repressed primal nature, our deep instincts and desires, the side of our psyche that is often banished and suppressed by society.

Through her darkness, shadows of wisdom shimmer some of her most heroic attributes: Liberation, independence, anarchism, rebellion and resisting constraints that are thrusted upon us. But more importantly, it’s about embracing, accepting and acknowledging our true nature. The one who hides behind all the masks. 

Lilith in Leo

Black Moon Lilith represents our hidden, dark, deeper natures that are often repressed and buried away. 

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is typically outgoing, fierce, confident, loyal, and radiates positive uplifting energy. 

When Lilith enters Leo, we see an opposite effect of co-dependency, indecision, fear, and an uncomfortable time expressing ourselves or accepting applause. 

Deep Acceptance

Lilith in Leo offers us the opportunity to explore our relationship with success, admiration, creative expression, self confidence and primal energy. There is an awakening occurring. The call of the lion, to step forth, gain control, come forth and conquer all that we are here to do. 

Journal Prompts

  • How do I express my creativity and unique talents in the world? Do I feel comfortable sharing my gifts with others?
  • What fears or insecurities do I have around receiving recognition and admiration from others? How can I overcome these obstacles?
  • In what areas of my life do I feel the need to be in control? How can I embrace a healthy sense of leadership while still allowing others to shine?
  • Reflect on a time when I felt truly confident and in my power. What qualities or experiences contributed to that feeling?
  • Are there any aspects of myself or my creative expression that I tend to hide or downplay? How can I bring these aspects into the light and celebrate them?

Meditation Mantras

“I embrace my unique creativity and shine my light fearlessly.”

“I am worthy of recognition and admiration for my talents and accomplishments.”

“I am in control of my destiny and lead with confidence and compassion.”

“I express myself authentically, knowing that my voice and gifts matter.”

“I release any fears or doubts that hold me back, and I step into my power with grace and strength.”

Final Thoughts

Do not fear your true nature. If you spend your entire lifetime hiding from success than this time here will have been a waste. Explore who you truly want to be, do not fear others opinions. When you begin to open up and show your true nature, others with similar goals and objectives will be drawn to you. This is the nature of the universe. Like attracts like, harmonize with your true essence and watch as the world around you begins to bend to your will. 

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