A Simple Solution to LIVING in a MODERN WORLD

"Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished."

Modern Society has taught us to feel immense guilt for being anything less than productive. The pressure to constantly preform, coupled by the fantasy of perfect lives entangled inside our social media feeds can lead us to feeling stress, anxiety and depression.
One strategy for overcoming the unnatural routines of our present lives is so simple: Live life slowly. Take Time.
“Before I began practicing the art of moving slowly my thoughts ran rampant inside my mind; there was no controlling them. Every task I preformed I would aim to get through as quickly as possible so that I could move onto the next task in line. An endless, unenjoyable, and stressful cycle which ultimately lead me to burnout.
Cultivating presence, focusing on the here and now, is essential to savoring life’s precious moments without rushing to our next objective.

Cultivating Presence

1. Understand what truly matters to you and dedicate your time to only these actions. Align your focus to tasks that genuinely matter to your heart and soul. Take time and pride in accomplishing these duties and you will instantly feel a greater sense of satisfaction in your life.

2. Learn to say ‘No.’ This is difficult for many because throughout our lives we have taken the path of least-resistance. We never want anyone to be upset with us so we people please our way through life. Not every opportunity will align with you. Learning to say ‘no’ will free up physical and mental space for more important responsibilities.

3. Get out into nature. Nature is our natural state. A walk through the forest, or – if you’re lucky enough – a swim in the ocean can help recalibrate our thoughts and emotions bringing a sense of oneness and belonging. Let nature remind you that it has been a part of your life far longer than modern society. Soon you’ll realize the race you’ve running has been taking you no where at all.

The way modern society has conditioned us to live not only destroys our well-being and mindset, but continues to wreak havoc on our relationships with one another and with the Earths ecosystems. 

Learning to cultivate slowness in the processes we preform everyday can help us realign with our authentic selves, our true purpose while returning our bodies and minds back to a place of homeostasis and balance.

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