The Power of ENERGY and The ALL

Everything is energy. All around us are subtly vibrating particles of matter. Nothing is ever at rest. That is the nature of the universe.

It is the nature of mind to speak. When we are trained to slow our thoughts we can begin to tune ourselves to the subtle voice of Source. The energy which moves through All. 

When you tune into these subtle vibrations you can begin to transmute and transform your own energy; working along side source as a co-collaborator

When you begin to align your frequency with that of source, your physical body begins to shift. You are transforming your solid physical self into a being of wave patterns. 

You have always been connected to all around you, but your body and mind begin to align with the All. You are now aware of synchronistic signs and symbols; clues inside the game of life

You allow the All to guide you. You are never alone. You begin to understand the lessons that have benefited your development. You are no longer a victim. You are a sign of strength and resilience. 

You can now start to embody all that you’ve ever wanted. Gratitude, abundance, love, joy are all states of being and are there for you to explore. 

Everything changes when you begin to consciously emit feeling frequencies. You imprint your needs, wants and desired into the All and the All brings all you need, want and desire into focus. 

Now, instead of unconsciously absorbing other energies, you begin to magnetize and attract. Align yourself with the whole, embody what you need, want and desire; let it manifest through magnetism.

You are now awakened to the power of your own energy. 

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