Meditation and Mindfulness and creating waves around the world. Once believed to be nothing more than spiritual ‘woo-woo’, science has finally been able to keep up with these ancient practices, proving to a modern world how beneficial time honored traditions can be.

A ‘Body Scan Meditation’ is a quick and easy way to hone into our bodies, which can help melt away physical tension, while maintaining a more relaxed state of being.

"Body scan meditation is a good way to release physical tension you might not even realize you're experiencing. Body scanning involves paying attention to parts of the body and bodily sensations in a gradual sequence from feet to head."

How to preform a Body Scan

1. Get Comfortable — Find a safe space where you can be alone for 5 – 10 minutes. This is a great exercise for rising in the morning, throughout the day as needed, or before bed. You can lie, or sit – whichever you prefer.

2. Focus on your breath — The breath, in meditation, is our guide. We use the breath as a point of focus. Breathe deeply into the belly. Feel your abdomen and shoulders rise with each inhale and fall with the exhale. Do about 5 – 10 deep breaths before continuing with step three.

3. Bring awareness to your feet — once you feel comfortable and relaxed, bring your attention to your feet. Using your breath, send all your energy and oxygen to that area of the body. Focusing on the feet, feeling for any emotions, tension or pain that may arise. If any of these occur, simply allow yourself to feel the sensation, using your breath to gently breathe through it.

4. Scan your entire body — Continue up from the feet, to the ankles, the calves, the knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, ribs, heart, spine, hands, shoulders, back, neck, head. Gently spending as much time as you feel you need at each location in the body. The trick is not to rush, and to truly feel the body; bringing awareness to each area.

5. Add Visualization — if pain or tension occur at any stage of your Body Scan visualization can act as a wonderful tool for removing it. Visualize the tension at each area inside your body, then with the breath watch the tension dissolve; leaving the body, evaporating into nothingness.


After a body scan, it’s normal to feel extremely relaxed, and even a little disoriented due to the increased levels of oxygen. Once you have finished your Body Scan, take some time to rest. Do not resume regular activity until you feel ready to do so.


 Where did I notice the most tension in my body?

 Do I know of any reason why tension would be stored in this area?

Did I find it easy to breathe through the tension, or was it difficult?

Practice this as often as needed, but once a day is recommended. Journalling your findings with this meditation will help you identify points of tension and ultimately help to heal those areas of yourself.

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