It is human nature to experience a wild range of emotions. Both suffering and liberation are one in the same, but in varying degree of one another. The spectrum is extensive and filled with an array of depth.

Suffering is one of the many teachers in life. It is the fire which sparks action, forcing us beyond our comforts in search for more. It evolves and transforms us, helping us to discover enlightenment and liberation.

We can be freed from the watery depths of our persecution when we begin to expand upon ourselves and our knowledge. We begin to discriminate developing detachment from transient objects and renunciate our desires, attachments and ego. 

Once this shift has taken place it is time for intellectual inquiry into the nature of reality. Reflection and contemplation open our peripherals to new, unforeseen realms where we begin to cultivate focus for mental discipline. 

Simplicity, moderation, and the regulation of our senses lead us towards ultimate surrender, trust and devotion to the divine knowledge that has surrounded and blanketed us for all of time. 

Once all has taken place, magick unfolds and the synchronistic patterns of the universal all begin to reveal themselves. Our separatist ideals were only an illusion, and our union with the all has never been broken. 

Carlo Dolci, St Catherine of Sienna

Understand the true nature of the self, the distinction between the eternal soul and the temporary material body.


Discerning between the eternal and the temporary, between the real and the unreal, and developing detachment from transient material things.


Letting go of desires, attachments, and egoistic identifications with the physical body, senses, and material possessions.

Control of the Mind

Cultivating mental discipline and mastery, including the ability to focus the mind, withdraw from external distractions, and develop inner stillness and concentration.

Intellectual Inquiry

Engaging in contemplation, reflection, and philosophical inquiry to deepen one’s understanding of spiritual truths and the nature of reality.

Surrender and Trust

Cultivating a deep sense of devotion and surrender to the divine, recognizing the ultimate reality as a transcendent force beyond the material world.


Practicing self-discipline, moderation, and simplicity in daily life, including the regulation of diet, sleep, and other bodily activities.

Direct Realization

Through the aforementioned practices, attaining direct experiential knowledge of one’s true self as divine and realizing union with the ultimate reality (Brahman).

Virgin and Child with Angels, by Bartolomeo Cavarozzi, 1620

After our souls understand their place in the cosmos, there is no returning to a life of destruction or illusion without serious consequences. Once you have seen the nature of reality, you must begin to act in accordance with its law.

Good Intention

Act with wholesome will, seek to only benefit others without harm. Only act when it is of pureness and with good heart. 

True Speech

Allow your words to be truthful, kind, and compassionate. Never tell lies, spill gossip, or use your tongue to spread hate or harm. 

Aligned Action

Act with integrity. Engage in ethical conduct and refrain from harming others. Use your will to benefit the whole.

Worthy Livelihood

Pursue a career that is honorable and supports a wholesome, ethical lifestyle.

Genuine Effort

Cultivate persistent effort and be diligent in developing  qualities of humility, charity, self-restraint, gratitude, temperance, patience and diligence. 


Align yourself with the present-moment. Become awareness in non-judgmental observation of the internal body, feelings, mind, and external phenomena.

Focused Concentration

Practice developing focused concentration and mental stability through meditation practices that lead to deep states of absorption.

Detail of Judith, 1678, by Eglon Hendrick van der Neer (1634-1703)

While we continue to master these practices, inner transformation takes place on a subtle but profound level.

Perceptions begin to shift and divulge into a greater sense of compassion, wisdom, and interconnectedness with all that is. Our suffering begins to teach us where we must align our action. We no longer feel the need to extend our harm to others; we transcend the cyclical nature of suffering.

Our purpose begins to come forth, and we make choices that align with our highest intentions and those initiatives. We find fulfillment in all aspects of life, even the mundane.

Relations improve, fostering deep connections and meaningful interactions. Love, mutual understanding and respect take center stage. 

And even in the most profound moments, we know there is so much out there to still be discovered and experienced. With each day we can harness our individual gifts, align with the present and learn to overcome primal human nature. Consciousness expands, we transcend our limitations and experience new insights from unknown places. Self-discovery, realization, and actualization transform The Path of Suffering to Liberation

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