NEUTRALIZATION through Mental Transmutation

We are living in the age of information and the importance of learning to transmute our mental and emotional planes cannot be overstated. Our minds are constantly responsible for filtering a enormous barrage of content—from articles and conversations to videos and media —that demands massive reserves of attention and processing power. When left unchecked, an overwhelming influx of intellectual ‘rubbish’ infiltrates our subconscious, influencing our thoughts and shaping our conscious and unconscious awareness.

Using wisdom passed down by the masters of the Hermetic Order we can use their Universal Laws, as elucidated by the Kybalion in 1908, to serve as a guide. These laws provide a framework not only for understanding and processing emotional and mental states but also for leveraging these insights to transmute negativity into neutrality, and in some cases, a positive outlook.

Our world is a mental illusion. The ALL is mind.

The first of these laws is the Principle of Mentalism, asserting that ‘The All is Mind.’ This foundational concept prompts us to recognize the power of our thoughts in shaping our reality. When we stop to understand the impact of our mental processes, we gain the ability to discern and filter incoming information consciously.

Our thoughts quite literally create our reality. Once we begin to realize this, we shift from a state of naïve openness to the world around us and begin to work with our subconscious filtering, analyzing data before it even enters our perceptions. This transformation marks the initiation of mindful consumption—a deliberate act of engaging with information.

But what about clearing out what is already inside of us?

To begin working with the engrained habitual thought patters inside of us, it’s important to look the Principle of Polarity: “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites”. When we feel a negative interaction occurring, we can act quickly to balance opposing forces.

Embrace the dual nature of thoughts—positive and negative. Instead of suppressing negative thoughts, seek to balance them with positive affirmations and constructive perspectives. Acceptance of the polarity within your thoughts allows for a more harmonious mental state and can bring in a state of neutralization by balancing opposing forces.

Apply mental alchemy by consciously transforming negative thoughts into positive ones. For each negative thought, counterbalance it with a positive affirmation or constructive action. Over time, this alchemical process contributes to the transmutation of old patterns.

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