LEARN to GAS yourself UP

"Insecurities plague every human — set your fears aside to unleash your own unique gifts"

Our own magic shines through the accumulation of courage and confidence. When we fully trust ourselves, we’re able to deliver our gifts to the world, healing and optimizing all around us.

1. Be your own cheerleader

It’s time to stop seeking or expecting outside validation. Your thoughts and feelings about yourself need to be what ignites your motivation or self-confidence. Confidence comes from within.

2. Embody the power you want to become.

You need to learn to feel the energy you want to become. What does power mean to you? What does confidence feel like? Sit with these emotions for an extended period of time and you will begin to act from them in real life.

Other feelings you may want to explore:
  • Strength
  • Radiance
  • Fierce
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Boldness
  • Fearlessness
  • Determination
  • Endurance
3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Embrace the unknown. In the beginning, it’s going to feel extremely awkward to put yourself out there — to speak up; be heard and seen. Face your fears, resistance will fade and you’ll fall into an natural rhythm. Keep going.

4. Stop comparing yourself

You are not like anyone else. You are completely unique, with your own set of talents and strengths. Think back to the last time you made yourself proud and make a list of the strengths you embodied in that moment. Pull power from knowing where your strengths lie. 

5. Take excellent care of yourself

The four cornerstones of health are: Diet, Exercise, Mediation, and Sleep. Fueling your body with nutrient dense foods will also fuel your self worth, exercise will boost endorphins creating positive energy wells, meditation will settle any negative intrusive thoughts, and sleep rejuvenates the whole. 


Affirmations and “I am” Statements help to unleash emotions that we have troubles embodying. Repeat these statements out loud as many times as needed until you begin to feel a shift in your personal energy.

“I am a goddess, my own muse, a divine creation living in my highest reality as my most powerful self “

“I’m going to run shit”

“There is no one like me, I am unique and filled with mystical qualities that cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.”

“I am the fucking best”

“I am strong and utterly unwavering in the face of adversity”

“I spark cosmic primordial energy of courage and bravery”

“I am blessed in all ways and I carry my abundance with me into every situation”

“I am the source of my own experience and create magic and miracles everyday.”

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