Healthy HAIR: A How To Guide

Everyone craves a head of thick, healthy, lush, long locks. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your hair goals! Let’s begin.

"If you want it to grow, let it go."

1. Frequent ‘Dustings’

Frequent, monthly trims are a must for your dead ends. “Trims are designed to shear off the oldest part of the hair shaft before it becomes dry and brittle, which is when it is most likely to split.” says one stylist at Salon Invi

“That split can run up the length of the shaft and effectively ruin most of the entire hair, too, which can cause everything from frizz to breakage. This means that even though trims won’t make your hair grow faster, they’ll keep your existing hair much healthier – and that’s what appears to make it grow faster.

Asking your stylist for a ‘Dusting‘ will let them know you want to remove all the split ends, without the length.

2. Oiled Scalp Massages

Stimulate hair growth with an invigorating scalp massage. According to a small 2016 study scalp massages can definitely lead to thicker hair.

Massaging the scalp stimulates individual hair follicles; stretching them to produce thicker hair. Adding in additional benefits of nutrient rich oils during the massage is a proven plan for success.

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3. Monitor Your Diet

A healthy diet filled with high quality vitamins and minerals will speed the process of hair growth. Jo Lewin, Registered Nutritionist for Good Food recommends monitoring your protein. “As hair is made of protein, ensuring you have enough protein in your diet is crucial for making hair strong and healthy.” She says, adding “If you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, your hair is likely to become dry, brittle and weak.”

Other nutrients Jen says to focus on are: Iron, Vitamin C, Omega 3, Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Biotin.

4. The “One Pass” Rule

We should all be well versed in using a heat protector to protect our hair during styling, but adding the “one pass” rule takes the level of protection up another notch.

The One Pass Rule means one pass over a section of hair and that’s it.

If after one pass you still haven’t reached your desired result, Function Beauty recommends turning the heat up ever so slightly until one pass through the hair is all you need.

“Your goal should be to find the lowest temperature setting that still allows you to get your styling done efficiently without risking heat damaged hair.”

5. Avoidance is Key

“One of the hardest lessons in my hair growth journey was to stop using bleach” says Elle, TEAME writer.

“Reducing hair damage at the salon was the first step in helping my hair become its healthiest. I’ve actually grown to love my natural hair color, and use toners to help neutralize any unwanted hues.”

Colombini, Loreal Paris Style + Color Expert adds “Hair toners can be used to achieve two things. It can be used to add pigment to hair color that has faded over time and it can be used to counteract unwanted colors like yellow tones or brassiness. Toning and glossing also add a nice boost in shine to the hair”. A much healthier option for anyone looking to improve hair growth.

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